Donate Supplies

In-kind donations support many of our programs, and we are so grateful for our donors' generosity!

Wish list:

  • Financial Assistance gift cards (Ex: Visa, grocery, gas, Amazon, etc.)

  • Comfycozy’s Care Pack small toys and activities (Ex: puzzles, legos, coloring books, small dolls)

  • Comfort Pack items (Ex: blankets, stuffed animals, fuzzy socks, toiletries, etc.)

  • No More Chemo Party Bag supplies (Ex: cake mix, frosting, banners, plates, napkins, silverware, $25 sweet treat gift card like Dairy Queen – please choose colorful and gender/age neutral items)

  • Major Distractions supplies (Ex: nail polish, craft supplies/kits, etc.)

  • Comfort and Care counseling tools (please see our Amazon Wish List for specific therapeutic books and tools)

    Office supplies (Ex: copy paper, staplers, sticky notes, etc.)

  • Or shop directly from our Amazon Smile Wish List!

Donations can be mailed or delivered to our office

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels

340 E. Coronado Rd. Suite 100

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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